Entry Closed

TSF ‘20 Photo gallery :

When was the last time something attracted you. Look around you. Pull out your camera, any one. Aim. Take a photo. Capture tourism through your lens. Take a photo of what caught your attention. Or pull out an old photo. Focus on tourism only. Any expect of tourism industry. Travel. Food. monuments, nature, wildlife, birds Etc Get creative. Challenge yourself. Multiple entries by an individual allowed. Give a caption.

  • Mode of submission: digital, online only. One photo graph per entry. Any size. Any format.
  • Only for TSF20 participants. Click on www.tsf20.com/photogallery
  • All entries will be showcased at the TSF’20 photo gallery during the festival duration only

Entries would be judged (decision of TSF20 will be final) under following categories:

  1. Most liked (the TSF20 participants will get to ‘like’ the graffiti in this AI powered virtual gallery)
  2. Most representative
  3. Most expressive
  4. Most emotional

Win surprise gifts like holiday / shopping / movie / and other vouchers.

The content will not be shared on any other platform than TSF ‘20. Once displayed during TSF ‘20, the content will be in public domain, thus will not be subjected to any copyright guidelines.